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Fremdsprachliche Führungen

"A stroll around the medieval town centre"
Take a leisurely stroll around the old town centre and learn about Karlstadt's fascinating history. Who survived a fall from the top of the highest tower? Why did a foreign king come here in 1631? What is the mystery behind the fish that is kept in the old town hall? This entertaining guided tour will give you the answers to these and many other questions concerning Karlstadt's past and present, its impressive old buildings and its most famous citizens.

Bookings available all year round
Guides: Beatrix van Venroooy, Robert Emsden
Up to 25 visitors per Tour
Price: 70 €
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
Wheelchair friendly


Guide: Robert Emsden"Let me infotain you!"
During this entertaining stroll through the old town centre specially chosen songs (Sing along, if you like), spicy poems and short acted scenes will be employed to acquaint you with interesting and surprising aspects of Karlstadt's fascinating history. Live-musician and hobby-actor Bob Emsden will also tell you - in his own special way - some unexpected details about its historical buildings and the famous people who lived here.

Booking available May till October
Guide: Robert Emsden
Up to 25 visitors per Tour
Price: 70 €
Duration: 90 minutes Wheelchair friendly


Stadtführung in Französisch oder zweisprachig franz./deutsch
Bei der Führung durch Karlstadt werden Sie nicht nur eine frühe mittelalterliche Stadt entdecken, sondern auch erfahren, wie sich die Geschichte auf das alltägliche Leben ausgewirkt hat bzw. auswirkt.

En parcourant Karlstadt vous découvrirez non seulement une ancienne ville moyennageuse mais aussi l'importance de l'Histoire sur la vie de tous les jours.

ganzjährig buchbar
Gästeführer: Marie-Claire Bauer
max. 25 Personen
Preis: 70 €
Dauer: 90 Min.
für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet

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